WTF HAPPENED TO MY HAIR? is a straight-talking, sassy and savvy handbook for the modern woman who feels her crown has lost its sparkle.

If you’re tangled up in hair troubles like bad condition, bad colour or just bad vibes, WTF will give you the “tough love” you need to cut out your toxic hair care habits. Written by renowned South African stylist Reneé Potgieter, the book offers an in-depth guide to accepting and caring for the hair you have, in a more natural, more conscious way.

WTF is in this book?

  • Real-life snippets from the everyday life of a professional stylist
  • Some dirty secrets about the ingredients in ordinary hair products
  • A guide to “getting clean” with Reneé’s five-step Hair Rehab programme
  • Advice for transforming your tresses from chemically wasted to consciously gorgeous
  • Tips and tricks for colouring your hair at home like a pro
  • The inside info you need to make safer, healthier hair care choices
  • Help you recognise, embrace and enhance your own innate beauty

Get ready for a whole new way of looking at your hair, and the products you use on it. This natural hair care book will empower you to enjoy the perfect drama-free hair care regime that allows you to shine.


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For years, one of the most commonly asked questions from clients in the Gentle Approach salon, and over e-mail, was “What natural colour would you recommend for me?” My answer was always, “If you want to keep things natural, don’t colour your hair at all!” Even the most gentle colouring products require some sort of chemical palce to take change in your hair, in order to colour it.

However, I still meet many clients who are (sadly) dissatisfied with the colour Mother Nature gave them, and many more who have been taught that their greys are socially unacceptable. So, the quest for a gentler colour alternative continues! This was one of the main inspirations behind writing this book. I delved into the theory behind colour, explaining industry terms like base shade, undertone and reflect. But of course, understanding colour hardly matters if you don’t understand the fundamentals of good hair care… So from there, I went on to write about cleaner hair products and good hair care practices – sharing my own personal experiences, and client stories from inside my salon. The book has been a true labour of love, and is full of from-the-heart advice on how to best care for your hair and bring out its inherent natural beauty.

Don't Take Our Word for It

I have just re-read your book – I’m so blown away by your honesty and the beautiful tone that it is written in. It is gentle and kind, and informative, and I have fallen in love with you all over again!!

You said so many pertinent and meaningful things about loving ourselves….. every woman needs to hear this! You approach the subject perfectly!

Michelle McLeanMs Universe

Talk about honest! I love your direct approach to hair in the book. Am glad to put most of the blame on crappy commercial products for my hair falling out and not just 2 kids, a stressful career, sun and more…… I am SOOOOO glad I met you and you have truly delivered in helping me out  Very very happy client.. My hair finally looks healthy and gorgeous again (and red!).

Zara LangfordYour web developer