Look Radiant with Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has so much more to offer than its beautiful romantic scent. This flower oil is a dream come true for the skin, and a tonic for the mood.

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Rosa damascena
  • FAMILY: Rosaceae
  • EXTRACTION: from the flowers/ petals
  • PROCESS: steam distillation

There are more than 10,000 kinds of roses cultivated in the world, but only a few of these varieties are used to extract essential oils. A few examples include:

  • The robust Rosa Damascena, or Bulgarian rose, red and fragrant and cultivated in Bulgaria, Tunisia and Morocco;
  • The Cabbage rose, or May rose, of Persian origin, which is pale and sweet, now cultivated in France, Morocco and Algeria;
  • The Rosa Gallica, from Turkey, with its intense natural perfume.

Rosa Damascena is distilled in vapour steam, and yields one of the most precious rose essential oils in the world. The richness and complexity of this oil gives it a large variety of applications in aromatherapy.

Fab Fact: It takes up to 30 roses to create a single drop of essence, and five tons of petals are needed to produce just one pound!

Symbolism of the Rose

  • The petals are soft and velvety, a caress to the touch: the rose is softening.
  • The shape of the flower itself helps to retain rainwater: the rose is moisturising.
  • The petals are stratified to protect the centre of the flower from the weather: the rose is protective.
  • The stem is sturdy and well-defended by its thorns: the rose is strengthening.
  • The roots stretch to know the depths of the earth: the rose permeates the senses and touches the heart.

Beauty Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

  • Antibacterial, astringent (toning), calming, anti-inflammatory
  • Fights infections, irritations and dermatitis
  • Soothes rosacea, inflammation, redness and blemishes
  • Balances the skin, controls excess oil
  • Hydrates the skin, softens wrinkles and lines
  • Improves skin tone and texture

Emotional Effects of Rose Essential Oil

  • Balances emotions, provides comfort
  • Strongly associated with compassion, understanding and love
  • Removes trauma, resentment and negative or destructive feelings

Rose essential oil is a real feast for the soul, and the perfect way to pamper yourself!

Ren xx