Learn the Truth about Green-Washing

Have you ever fallen for “green-washing” or other false promises made by marketers? Green-washing is the use of marketing to portray a product as being eco-friendly or “green” when it actually isn’t. As more consumers look for eco-friendly, ethical and healthy options, marketers are attempting to add a green spin to their products, in order to boost sales. They may exaggerate the products’ benefits for the planet, or its people. Continue reading Learn the Truth about Green-Washing

The Truth Behind “Clinically Proven” Cosmetic Products

How many times have you heard the slogan “clinically proven” linked to pharmaceutical or cosmetic products? Yet how many of us actually know what that means? What kind of testing is done, and which facility runs it? How do they get the results they get?

The awful truth is that there’s no law that governs these tests. It’s not regulated what the best tests would be, and there are no guidelines around which clinic should run them. Unfortunately, “clinically proven” is often simply a way to add a bit more marketing spin to a product. Continue reading The Truth Behind “Clinically Proven” Cosmetic Products

Eco-Friendly Policies: A Shared Responsibility

Why are eco-friendly policies so important in today’s business environment?

There are many companies whose activities and policies don’t always align with their responsibilities, or reflect their intentions.

Green Values vs Green Dollars

For example, there are multinational cosmetic companies out there with campaigns to support the fight against breast cancer. Yet those same companies continue to use substances in their products that are likely to contribute to the disease! WTF is that about?

To put it bluntly, these companies are driven by the bottom line. They make their profits by lying to their buyers, and green-washing their products.

Upholding Eco-Friendly Policies

As a business owner, I take my social responsibility very seriously. My team and I are committed to fully expressing our (natural, real, no-nonsense) values in everything we do. That’s why I constantly look for suppliers who use green methods every step of the way. That includes:

  • Keeping the carbon footprint of their factories and facilities low
  • Using water, power and other resources responsibly
  • Sourcing ingredients from trusted sustainable sources
  • Packaging their finished products in eco-friendly materials

Step by step, eco-friendly policies are promoting a wiser and kinder way of doing business.

Ren xx