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HAIRPRINT is a unique natural hair colour restoration treatment for women and men. It’s the first of its kind in the world, formulated by Dr John Warner, the “father of green chemistry”. Dr Warner took his cue from nature, using the principles of biomimicry to create this hair colour solution.

Rather than “painting” the hair with pigment, like other natural dye brands, HAIRPRINT helps greying hairs to revert to their original colour, using the body’s own inherent biochemistry. The formula uses the hair’s genetic structure to restore its natural pigment.

The treatment softens and strengthens the hair, leaving it beautifully silky. Hair that has been coloured with HAIRPRINT looks and feels healthier, stronger, softer and more natural than hair that’s been treated with ordinary dyes.
HAIRPRINT is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, suitable for those with chemical sensitivities, and the only hair colour treatment in the world to be granted Madesafe certification.

PLEASE NOTE: All brands are currently sold using a pre-sale method, which is more economical and eco-friendly than keeping stock of all products.
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