Essere is a very small range that focuses on quality and affordability. There are four shampoos, two conditioners, and a few skin care products to choose from. Essere products are the perfect “starter selection” for those looking to explore cleaner grooming.

I love how Essere is daring to think differently and challenge the conventional “wisdom” about what should go into our cosmetics!

Essere is an Italian company creating eco-conscious hair and skin products. These organic cosmetics are made according to high quality and safety standards. The range is made with all sorts of natural yumminess like essential oils and plant extracts.

Essere products contain biodegradable surfactants and food-qulaity preservatives, which are safer for you and for the planet. The brand is certified by AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Farming) and Bio Eco Cosmesi certification, to guarantee the organic origin of the ingredients, and ensure the absence of potentially harmful additives. The products are also Qualità Vegana certified, free of animal derivatives, and not tested on animals.

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