Do you need some advice on the journey towards healthier hair? Talk to a natural hairdressing specialist! Reneé provides hair care consultations with a truly natural approach.

Reneé has a rich depth of experience to share with you. She can offer you some quick tips for free, but if you’re serious about getting bespoke advice for your own unique head of hair, we recommend a personal paid consultation. You can set up a video chat with Reneé, and/or submit images of your hair via WhatsApp. This in-depth, personalised consultation will be more beneficial for those looking to breathe new life and shine into tired tresses.

Here are the ways that you can get expert answers to YOUR questions.

All the staff are always friendly, caring and accommodating.

Linda Aylen

Love the warmness of the people who work here, the homey feel of it.

Gabi Soule

Love the passion for hair and attention to detail/ client request.

Alessia Wood

Feel very welcome and I like the approach you have (natural and non-toxic).

Bianka Sass


Your crowning glory needs some love!

Book a one-on-one 30 MIN PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION and absorb all that experience and knowledge directly into those locks! You essentially become a virtual client.

Anytime you need to refresh your look or make some tweaks, you can access a 15 MIN TOP-UP CONSULTATION (Note: This service is for existing clients only).

Become a virtual client

Once you’ve booked and paid for your consultation, you’ll be redirected to an online pre-consultation form, which we’ll ask you to complete for us. This is so we can get to know you (and your hair), and give you the best possible advice.

Already a client? Get more advice


Do you have a “quickie” question that one of our team can assist you with? We’ll do our best to help you out, but please remember that we are a professional salon, and our time is as precious as yours!

If you are really looking for some in-depth answers and long-term solutions, please book a professional consultation, so we can welcome you into our family of virtual clients.