My beauty is innate. I am the product of four billion years of evolution. I’m a miracle on wheels. Every part of my body has been expertly engineered to do something I cannot rationally explain. I breathe without thinking. My heart beats even when I sleep. Today is the day I embrace my natural state. The war on myself ends here. This is who I am. I honour my thunder thighs, my scarred skin, this crazy hair.

I accept it all. I will move with life. Allow my skin to change, my hair to grey and myself to evolve. From here on I’m going to KEEP IT REAL. What I had yesterday I won’t have tomorrow. There’s only this, right here in front of me. There’s only me. There’s only now. I will be gentle with myself, knowing I’m a beautiful miracle of nature. This is me. This is who I am. This is my life. This is why I’m beautiful.