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About Naturally ReneÉ

Reneé Potgieter is a Cape Town-based hair health activist and colour alchemist committed to bringing you no-nonsense natural hair care. She is passionate about helping every client embrace their hair’s real (crazy, kinky, unruly) nature, and instilling a fierce sense of pride and self-love in those she works with. Reneé is not the type to take crap from anyone, and she believes that this philosophy should apply to our hair and beauty choices too!

Renee in Salon

Early in her career, Reneé realised that South African salons were flooded with harsh chemical-laden products, which are hazardous to the health of hair care professionals and their clients. She started searching the globe for products that were healthier, petrochemical-free, made with sustainably sourced ingredients, and not tested on animals.

After 20 years in the industry, there’s still nothing that gives her more satisfaction than the way women beam with confidence when their hair is in the best condition it can be. She works to create gorgeously, authentically natural-looking results with the help of the cleanest available products that she’s hunted down.


Reneé only supports natural, highly effective products that are made as “cleanly” as possible.

On the Products page, she shares her favourite natural hair care ranges and talks about what makes each one so special.

The results speak for themselves. This is what some of Reneé’s gorgeous clients have to say:

“Reneé has been my hairdresser for the past 12 years. I have always admired her skill, knowledge, integrity and her ongoing interest and research into high quality, environmentally friendly products. Not only is she a skilled hairdresser offering a highly professional service, but she also has a warmth and kindness which makes a visit to her salon a special experience.” – Megan 

“I am very happy with the way my hair feels, looks and smells. I feel like am getting very personalised attention. Also appreciate the flexibility of service.” – Colleen 

“My very fine hair has improved in condition and natural colour since I became a total convert about five years ago. I have not, and will not, use anything else.” – Brenda  

“My hair has been falling out in excessive quantities over the last couple of years. Within a six-week period of using the shampoo and conditioner that Reneé recommended, I was thrilled to see my hair loss radically decrease. My hair feels light and clean with these products.” – Ilana


My beauty is innate. I am the product of four billion years of evolution. I’m a miracle onwheels. Every part of my body has been expertly engineered to do something I cannot rationally explain. I breathe without thinking about it. My heart beats even when I sleep. Today is the day I embrace my natural state. The war on myself ends here. This is who I am. I honour my thunder thighs, my scarred skin, this crazy hair. I accept it all. I will move with life. Allow my skin to change. Allow my hair to grey. Allow myself to evolve. From here on I’m going to KEEP IT REAL. What I had yesterday I won’t have tomorrow. There’s only this, right here in front of me. There’s only me. There’s only now. I will be gentle with myself, knowing I’m a beautiful miracle of nature. This is me. This is who I am. This is my life. This is why I’m beautiful.



Since 2001, Reneé’s quest for a no-nonsense natural approach has revolutionised the way her clients (and many South Africans) think about hair. Her book, WTF HAPPENED TO MY HAIR!?! tackles some hard truths about hair care, self-acceptance, cleaning up and going green. 

“Tired of those ‘What The F…’ moments? If you knew what I know now, you would never use your ordinary hair care products again! Peek into the life of a hairdresser, and follow my journey from chemical overload to clean and green.” – Reneé 


WTF is a sassy, straight-talking guide to getting the sparkle back in your crown, by ditching the toxic ingredients and embracing a more natural, gentle approach.

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